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Our life here on earth: an exile from our Heavenly Homeland?


Christ the Man of Sorrows”  Colijn de Coter, 1500

Many believe that our life here on earth is an exile from our Heavenly Homeland and since sin entered the world we have been deprived of our heavenly inheritance.

The thread that I see throughout our readings today is the love and mercy of God and our response to this love and mercy by Faith.

(Continued in Homilies…)

Dc. Steve Manzene is the Permanent Deacon at the linked Churches of St. Joseph the Worker/ Immaculate Heart of Mary, Liverpool, N.Y., Diocese of Syracuse.

What is wrong with the world today?

The scriptures for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time describe the End Times, and yet the eschatology of both the prophet Malachi and Gospel author Luke provide an important insight into our preoccupation… our “distraction” with the cataclysmic events in the world.  Instead of focusing on our own sinful ways and being true to Christ’s teachings, we are in Paul’s words from the 2nd Letter to the Thessalonians:  “conducting themselves among you in a
disorderly way,
 by not keeping busy but minding the business of others.

Listen to Dc. Tim’s homily at archive.org

“The herald to which they have been called…”

During his recent homily in Glasgow,  the Holy Father addressed the bishops with these words:

Have a care also for your deacons, whose ministry of service is associated in a particular way with that of the order of bishops. Be a father and a guide in holiness for them, encouraging them to grow in knowledge and wisdom in carrying out the mission of herald to which they have been called.

Words of encouragement and guidance from Pope Benedict… confirmation of our call to vocation and ministry!

Welcoming a brother from the south…

One of the true “miracles” of modern technology with the Internet underpinning the torrent of data in our lives is the connections we’re able to make with those hundreds… thousands of miles away.  And so it is today with Deacon Gayden Harper, our guest contributor from the Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi.

I asked Deacon Harper for a bit of background on himself.  He was ordained in July 2006, retired from his work in 2007.  He’s been a busy deacon!  Director of the Diaconate and Pastoral Pastoral Services for the diocese, while deacon at St. Mary Parish, Deacon Harper is married and up to the many challenges of the Gulf Coast, still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

We welcome his homily on Ephipany Sunday and encourage others to reach out, connect and evangelize!

Dc. Tim McNerney
Diocese of Syracuse