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Rise Up & Be Strong: Take II

NX_racing_bike_rear view_crossThe 19th Annual 2015 Youth Bike Tour sponsored by the Catholic Community of St. Stephens & St. Patrick’s Churches will be stronger than ever this summer, thanks to growing participation from the Catholic communities in Chenango County as well.

Borrowing a portion of the theme from this year’s Ignite 2015, youth cyclists age 14 and older will be pedaling the country roads and trails of the NYS Southern Tier…Owego, Candor and Endicott… “Rise Up & Be Strong:  All in His name and for His glory!”

According to Youth Bike Tour coordinator, David Wells, the tour will feature 5 days and 4 nights of:

  • Adventure & fun,
  • Hiking and biking in nature,
  • Service to communities and individuals around us,
  • Great food and campfires,
  • Christian music and companionship with new friends and past

Mark Your Calendar:

WHEN:   Tuesday Evening, Aug. 4 through Sunday Afternoon, Aug. 9, 2015

CONTACT:  David Wells, Email – severin1@roadrunner.com

Pass this information along to your DRE, Youth Ministers and other interested parties. Past tours have enjoyed the participation of as many as 50 youth and adult volunteers. We call it, “Evangelization On Wheels”!

Flash Prayer? YES!

The first use of the phrase “Flash Crowd” was coined by John Pettit of beyond.com in 1996 and built on concepts from Larry


Copyright Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities

Niven, Sci-Fi writer, who in his 1970 writings proposed that large, spontaneous crowds could disrupt transportation, etc. Of course, this truly precedes the Internet as we know it, where “Flash Crowds” are creating in a matter of minutes by tweets, FB posts, etc.

A great deal has changed since then, and the “internet of all things” has become the transport mechanism for bringing people from around the globe for shared purposes. And tomorrow is just one of those “shared purposes”:

Yes, tomorrow, people world wide will pray to Saint Marianne Cope. “our” saint, a woman who devoted her life to those with leprosy in the Pacific. Please join us tomorrow in prayer.

A special thanks to Danielle Cummings, Chancellor/Director of Communications, Diocese of Syracuse for the this information celebrating the Feast of Saint Marianne Cope.


Pray for us…

My brothers in Christ, it seems like yesterday when I started my formation journey, two years of Formation for Ministry and four years in Deacon Formation….It has been a long 6 year journey.

My journey to Ordination as a Deacon is quickly drawing to its conclusion.

With only eight days remaining, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel as an Aspirant in my final 4th Year of the Deacon Formation Program, Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New York, USA. Along with seven other men and our wives, we are fulfilling a journey of spiritual growth, faith and fellowship as we prepare to move into ordained ministry in our parishes.

I ask that you keep me, as well as my classmates, in your thoughts and prayers as we go before the Bishop on May 15, 2010.

Peace, Love & Joy

Posted on Saturday, May 08, 2010
Donald Mula, Candidate for Ordination
Permanent Diaconate

Gathering as Men

“Many of the men that attend regular meetings of parish fellowship meeting have had an
encounter with the person of Jesus Christ at some point in their lives. That encounter, as it has been told in thousands of meetings, is as varied and diverse as life itself. For many it marked a milestone event – a significant moment in which the man giving witness came
to know the reality of the living Christ as he has never before experienced. For some the encounter was the defining moment – a moment of pure grace that made faith in Jesus Christ a compelling belief. For others the encounter with Jesus was a gradual commitment, a combination of many moments of grace that joined to make an undeniable mosaic of God’s goodness.”

“Why Men Get Together” (From Catholic Men’s Fellowship Cincinnati)

Saturday, February 27, 2010 men from all over the Diocese of Syracuse will gather to share, pray and experience the fellowship of being a Catholic man. Ignite 2010 Catholic Men’s Conference will offer three nationally acclaimed speakers:  Jesse Romero, Fr. Larry Richards and Sean Forrest as well as our own Bishop Robert J. Cunningham.

Plan to attend and be part of a day-long experience geared for men, enriching our faith experiences and helping to build God’s Kingdom!

The wisdom of the Church…

Can. 1039 All candidates for any order are to make a spiritual retreat for at least five days in a place and manner determined by the ordinary. Before the bishop proceeds to ordination, he must be certain that the candidates properly made this retreat.

The upcoming Canonical Retreat for the 8 men in their final year of diaconate formation and their wives at Christ the King Retreat House, Syracuse, N.Y. confirms the wisdom of the Catholic Church in prescribing, by Canon Law, that all candidates for ordination set time aside.

SUN photo Paul Finch / July 16, 2003

Time to complete a final discernment… time to pray… to laugh… to learn… to enjoy good food and great company. The canonical retreat will be a spirit-filled time in an environment designed to provide space to reflect on four years of growing together and the changes about to occur as each of these couples takes their place in a ministry that is still being defined!

May the Holy Spirit fill their time with a peaceful resolve to serve God’s people and the courage to fully embrace their vocational call.