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Using Our Legs, Lungs & Hearts to Follow Christ’s Way

Rise Up Be Strong Information

The Annual Youth Bike Tour sponsored by St. Stephen – St. Patrick Church does far more than just bring together youth and adults on bicycles for 5 days of touring the roads and trails of various parts of our diocese, it involves like-minded Catholic Christian adults and young people on a theme-inspired adventure that focuses on living in Jesus’ light, knowing His truth and following His way.

This year’s venue will be the Southern Tier around the Owego area. As in the past, youth 14 years or older can participate. Complete information is now being distributed by email, Facebook, the Diocesan Events Calendar and more.

Dates:  Tuesday Evening, August 4 – Sunday, August 9, 2015

Contact David Wells, YBT Coordinator at severin1@roadrunner.com for more information.

Rise Up & Be Strong: Take II

NX_racing_bike_rear view_crossThe 19th Annual 2015 Youth Bike Tour sponsored by the Catholic Community of St. Stephens & St. Patrick’s Churches will be stronger than ever this summer, thanks to growing participation from the Catholic communities in Chenango County as well.

Borrowing a portion of the theme from this year’s Ignite 2015, youth cyclists age 14 and older will be pedaling the country roads and trails of the NYS Southern Tier…Owego, Candor and Endicott… “Rise Up & Be Strong:  All in His name and for His glory!”

According to Youth Bike Tour coordinator, David Wells, the tour will feature 5 days and 4 nights of:

  • Adventure & fun,
  • Hiking and biking in nature,
  • Service to communities and individuals around us,
  • Great food and campfires,
  • Christian music and companionship with new friends and past

Mark Your Calendar:

WHEN:   Tuesday Evening, Aug. 4 through Sunday Afternoon, Aug. 9, 2015

CONTACT:  David Wells, Email – severin1@roadrunner.com

Pass this information along to your DRE, Youth Ministers and other interested parties. Past tours have enjoyed the participation of as many as 50 youth and adult volunteers. We call it, “Evangelization On Wheels”!

Staying in True…

“Staying in true”.  What do those three words mean?  Well, to a serious cyclist, it means well-tuned spokes, a solid wheel rim and a wheel that runs straight and true on a speedy downhill descent!  In reflecting upon the call to vocation cycling_fastexpressed in both the Hebrew Scripture reading from the prophet Amos, and also the Gospel of Mark on the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, I presented how we respond to that call by describing it within the context of a bicycle wheel.

Sunday, July 12, 2009 was my first opportunity to serve with Fr. Ralph Bove, our newly appointed parish administrator for both St. Bartholomew the Apostle and St. Paul Churches in Norwich, N.Y.  I felt a bit apprehensive about bringing in a “prop” for my homily:  the high-tech 27″ road bike wheel from my Lemond Zurich cycle. However, the wheel was just the right touch to bring home the point to our parishioners.

Like to hear an audio recording of my homily:  “Staying in True”?  Follow the link below to the Homilies page.  And let me know what you think!
AUDIO HOMILY LINK: Staying in True

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