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Welcoming a brother from the south…

One of the true “miracles” of modern technology with the Internet underpinning the torrent of data in our lives is the connections we’re able to make with those hundreds… thousands of miles away.  And so it is today with Deacon Gayden Harper, our guest contributor from the Diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi.

I asked Deacon Harper for a bit of background on himself.  He was ordained in July 2006, retired from his work in 2007.  He’s been a busy deacon!  Director of the Diaconate and Pastoral Pastoral Services for the diocese, while deacon at St. Mary Parish, Deacon Harper is married and up to the many challenges of the Gulf Coast, still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.

We welcome his homily on Ephipany Sunday and encourage others to reach out, connect and evangelize!

Dc. Tim McNerney
Diocese of Syracuse

Said the night wind to the little lamb

The day after Christmas, I was driving across I-10 listening to music (rather than ESPN Radio) when this song came on. I had heard it thousands of times, but all of a sudden I had tears in my eyes and knew there had to be a message in this song and began researching its origins. The night before the Epiphany Vigil, it finally came together.

[Link to Ephiphany Sunday Homily]

Deacon Gayden R. Harper
Diocese of Biloxi