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Gathering as Men

“Many of the men that attend regular meetings of parish fellowship meeting have had an
encounter with the person of Jesus Christ at some point in their lives. That encounter, as it has been told in thousands of meetings, is as varied and diverse as life itself. For many it marked a milestone event – a significant moment in which the man giving witness came
to know the reality of the living Christ as he has never before experienced. For some the encounter was the defining moment – a moment of pure grace that made faith in Jesus Christ a compelling belief. For others the encounter with Jesus was a gradual commitment, a combination of many moments of grace that joined to make an undeniable mosaic of God’s goodness.”

“Why Men Get Together” (From Catholic Men’s Fellowship Cincinnati)

Saturday, February 27, 2010 men from all over the Diocese of Syracuse will gather to share, pray and experience the fellowship of being a Catholic man. Ignite 2010 Catholic Men’s Conference will offer three nationally acclaimed speakers:  Jesse Romero, Fr. Larry Richards and Sean Forrest as well as our own Bishop Robert J. Cunningham.

Plan to attend and be part of a day-long experience geared for men, enriching our faith experiences and helping to build God’s Kingdom!

On these anniversaries…


Deacons from Left-to-Right: Garrett Kearney, Michael Gudaitis, Tim McNerney, Robert Talomie, Stephen Blabac, David Kirsch, Anthony Paparella, Timothy Downes

Yesterday’s May 17th anniversary of the Permanent Deacon Ordination of eight men in the Diocese of Syracuse passed in very different ways, I’m sure, for each of us.  Still, we have all shared both a call to vocation and ministry that has inalterably changed our lives, our families, friends, co-workers… and yes, those to whom we minister in our parishes and local communities.

Perhaps the photo from the day that captures the essence of the Diaconate for me is not the one above, but instead this vibrant photo with our wives:  true partners in a dual vocational call.

Deacons-Wives 2008In so many ways, our wives have supported us, given much of themselves to this ordained call, and helped us to understand how to live as “men of the cloth” and “of the pews”.

I hadn’t intended to post anything as this first anniversary passed us by, but the Ordo today on May 18th truly hit a responsive chord:  this is the 5th Anniversary of the Episcopal Ordination and Installation of Diocesan Bishop Robert J. Cunningham, our Bishop Designate.  Certainly for him as well, these days in May must hold a special meaning, as he approaches his Installation next Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 as the Bishop of our Diocese of Syracuse.

A special “thank you” to all who remembered the anniversary this past week. Your thoughtfulness and caring makes a world of difference.