Table Fellowship

Holy Saturday… we wait, anticipating Christ Jesus’ glorious resurrection. And we prepare: homemade breads and cakes, handcrafted butter, eggs from our hens and honey from our bees. All done in preparation for that first meal on Easter Day. Food crafted with loving hands for gatherings that we take for granted:  coming together as family, friends, even acquaintances and strangers to break bread… to share in table fellowship.


A basket of food prepared for the Paschal Blessing.

The Paschal Blessing of food before the Easter Vigil confirms our faith in God’s generosity. He has given us so much! In the Book of Blessings, the Paschal Blessing suggests a number of readings for the long form. This year I chose Isaiah 55:1-11, “An Invitation to Grace”.

Only listen to me, and you shall eat well, you shall delight in rich fare. Pay attention and come to me; listen that you may have life.

Jesus, in the Upper Room, sharing the Passover Supper with his Apostles… table fellowship that was transformed by His Word into the Eucharistic Banquet. And at the center of it all:  food from God’s bounty. For the Jews, the lamb, bitter herbs and the unleavened bread. For the Apostles, soon to be heralds of the Gospel, it was the bread and the wine. Bread and wine transformed into the body and blood, soul and divinity of their beloved teacher.

Table fellowship. Never again to be taken for granted or treated lightly. Transformed at table for all eternity.

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