Demystifying the Deacon

As a “new” clerical office, the Diaconate will confound the laity for years to come. And while deacons can look back with much pride to our “call to service” in Acts 6, many parishioners look to the law of the Church when searching for explanations about the role of deacons… what they can and can’t do.


Canon 764 on “deacons and preaching”

The Deacons’ Place Forum recently shared a helpful link about the deacon’s role according to Canon Law. The link to What Can (and Can’t ) a Deacon Do? is from the Canon Law Made Easy blog, written by Cathy Caridi, J.C.I. an American canon lawyer who practices law and teaches in Rome.

You might find this helpful in discussions with those still unfamiliar with our Diakonos… our call to charity among God’s people. In the end, only our humble example of service will truly tell the story.

What Can (and Can’t ) a Deacon Do?:

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