The Face of War

In the Aleppo souq, inside the ancient old walls of the city, four children enter an apartment with their mother.

In the Aleppo souq, inside the ancient old walls of the city, four children enter an apartment with their mother.

Our time in Syria, spring of 2011 was, without a second thought, an unequaled exploration of country, culture, religions and people. The Syrian people… welcoming, ever-inquisitive, generous… revealed to us the true face of this nation.  Daily as I reflect back, I see those faces knowing that they are the face of this war; a war dubbed a civil war… a war that illustrates the inhumanity of man and the cold, cruel heart of a regime desperate to maintain power.

Today, on the eve of Pope Francis’ worldwide appeal for a day dedicated to peace in Syria, I ask all to join us:

Next Saturday [September 7, 2013] we will live together a special day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria, in the Middle East, and in the whole world. Also for peace in our hearts, because peace begins in the heart! I renew the invitation to the whole Church to live this day intensely and, right now, I express my gratitude to the other Christian brothers, to the brothers of other religions and to men and women of good will who wish to join us, in the places and ways proper to them, for this moment. I exhort in particular the Roman faithful and pilgrims to participate in the Vigil of Prayer here, in St. Peter’s Square, at 7:00 pm to invoke from the Lord the great gift of peace. May the cry for peace be raised strongly throughout the earth!

(Pope Francis, in Rome at the conclusion of his General Audience 4 Wed 2013.)

For more information on the 7 SEP 2013 Day of Prayer & Fasting for Peace , follow this link:  On the Plea for Peace | ZENIT – The World Seen From Rome

Also, considering acting in accord with Pax Christi:  Advocate and act to stop military intervention in Syria! or on Twitter via #constantcontact.

Finally, from Bishop Cunningham, a pdf containing additional information:  Day of Fasting and Prayer

(Photo Credit:  My wife, Linda, snapped this photo in the alley way as we walked backed to our small hotel in the Aleppo Souq. The children paused for just a moment when we greeted them.  As a woman, Linda’s ability to capture an image like this was possible. The Arab women often turned away from my camera.)

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