My Reverie With God

Our friend Dennis has been working toward his Masters in Theology now for several years. Each time we get together, our exchanges about “all things of faith” are truly moments of kindred souls that I’d be pressed to put into words. And yet, that’s just what Dennis has done in the several years.


Beginning in the fall of 2009, he began to craft one-page “arguments” on a topic of theological or spiritual interest. Each one received a rigorous wordsmith treatment… honing the ideas into succint thoughts encapsulated in tight sentences bursting with thought.

When I suggested that he begin a blog with his statements of faith, he quizzed me about the “why” and “how”. Yet, after a short period of deliberation, he agreed that a blog might just be the vehicle to convey these to a broader audience. And so, the birth of My Reverie With God.

Dennis has now posted nearly 100 “reveries”, from “Christ is a Conservative” to We May Stumble. Each is worth a thoughtful visit.

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