Waiting in the wings…

“Dearly beloved, these, our brothers, standing here today in the presence of the Church are being recommended to us and to you for admission as candidates for Holy Orders.” Bishop Cunningham’s homily to the candidates may have followed the rubric to the “T”, but it carried all the weight the occassion deserved:  eight men and their supportive wives, who have been earnestly dedicated to intensive study and formation for the Permanent Diaconate, stepped out from the wings today and proclaimed that they were prepared to “complete their preparation so that in due time through Holy Orders they will be prepared to assume ministry with the Church.”

We congratulate these eight men, called to serve in the Church through their service to the Eucharistic Table, the Word and Acts of Charity.  In just six short months, they will stand beside us, as the bishop proclaimed, Aware of the Lord’s concern for his flock and realizing the needs of the Church, our brothers consider themselves fully ready to respond generously to the call of the Lord.”

Posted by Dc. Tim McNerney at Holy Cross Church, Dewitt, NY

2 responses to “Waiting in the wings…

  1. My thanks to Tim McNerney for posting this information about our last rite before ordination. God bless all of my brother candidates! We have all worked very hard and are anxious to serve the Lord!


  2. Bill – Yes, your “Last Rite”! Has a bit of an ominous ring to it, but it heralds the coming of a new beginning for the eight of you and your wives as you step into ordained ministry in the diocese. You are all in my prayers.

    May God Bless You and may His Mother Mary, intercede for you on this Feast of the Immaculate Conception!

    Dc. Tim

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